Wed., Feb 10th 4PM GMT, Beginningless Remaking in Julian of Norwich’s Vernacular Theology

On Wednesday, February 10th, Dr. Godelinde Gertrude Perk gives a talk titled “Beginningles Remaking in Julian of Norwich’s Vernacular Theology” via Zoom at 4PM GMT. For details, please contact

Beginningless remaking in Julian of Norwich’s vernacular theology
Vernacular theologian Julian of Norwich, (c. 1343 – c. 1416) devoted much of her adult life to revising the account of her visionary experience; the earlier, shorter Vision Showed to a Devout Woman and the later, longer Revelation of Love both bear witness to incessant reviewing of form and content. Reading these revisions alongside anchoritic liturgy, I argue that both how Julian’s text and thought evolve, and that they evolve constitute “dissimilar similarities”. These are similitudes like and unlike the celestial glory they image — a paradox earlier theorized by the Pseudo-Dionysius — of the beginningless, maternal remaking Julian ascribes to Christ.

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