• Misleading Lady: The Enclosures of Belle da Costa Greene (2021 04 30)
    On April 30th 2021 the Enclosure Group hosted their first public workshop! Carolyn Funk gave an intriguing talk on the Enclosures of Belle da Costa Greene. The live recording is available here.
  • Penelope’s Odyssey, Sappho’s Tale: Studying Women’s Songs from Ancient to Modern Greece with Andromache Karanika

    21.Apr..2021 12:00 PM in Pacific Time

    This talk will take us on a journey of the tradition of folk songs and poetry from antiquity to contemporary examples while also discussing the experience of a Greek classicist working on oral tradition. With a methodology of “excavating under the words” it argues that the women’s song and poetry tradition and also lived experienced shaped much of the ancient poetry. With examples from Homer, the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, Sappho, and ballads and folk songs from contemporary Greece we will seek to uncover women’s voices and experiences. Special emphasis will be given to the theme of “NOSTOS,” leaving one’s homeland, constructions of desire for one’s former space, returning or not, and more.

  • Undoing Enclosure
    Representation and Determination in Bourdieu’s Berber Home Charlotte Grace EffectsAboutArchiveIssues By Charlotte Grace … a particular difficulty: to describe a way of dwelling that does not reduce order to a question of the relationship between things and their plan, between a world and a map. Yet I will have to begin with a plan.1 For …
  • Lectures on Decline: April 2021 – January 2022
  • Monte Verita (2019)
    ” I would you were enclosed in a house of stone so no man could speak with you. ” —The Book of Margery Kempe “This novella is about a woman, Anna, who is mesmerized by a mysterious sect who live in a secret world in the mountains in Central Europe. She joins them and disappears. The whole …